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Jim A., Naples, FL:“Since I have been using the OSFLOW®, my neck and lower back stiffness have mostly disappeared. I also feel that I have improved my balance, which is a great thing. When I am using the OSFLOW® before I go to bed, I have a much better night’s sleep. Our OSFLOW® is in use every day!”


Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazines Top 100 Golf Instructors in America is using the OSFLOW® device daily for over 12 months. Read more...

Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice, FLPTPP  endorses the OSFLOW®. Read more...


Werner C., Bonita Springs, FL “At the beginning, I was skeptical about the benefits of the OSFLOW®, but then I decided to lease the device, started to use the OSFLOW® everyday and just felt better. Flexible, loose and more balanced. It feels good and makes a difference to my day. Most importantly, I dropped my handicap by four strokes…Really!”



Les Johns, Fitness Director, Grey Oaks Country Club, Naples, FL “The OSFLOW® replaces our member stretching routine and increases their range of motion, which is important for Golf and Tennis”.  Read more...



Enjoy the many Benefits:

OSFLOW® - a wellness device with many benefits and uses is beneficial for all ages, 12 years and older.  Everyone can use it! The OSFLOW® has helped many people, including stroke-, MS- and Parkinson patients.

However, we hereby explicitly state that the OSFLOW® is NOT a medical device, but rather a training, fitness and wellness enhancer.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect: click here for Benefits



Here is just one of the many exercises:


Place your calves on the OSFLOW® either directly, or over a towel. This helps relax “heavy” legs after a long day. This position encourages ‘back flow into your legs. Careful by risk of thrombosis or if you have a weak heart. In these cases, the position has undesired effects. People with knee problems enjoy relaxing effects for their knees, but after you should stand back up on the OSFLOW® to get the most benefits.

And and other one for your Tennis or Golf elbow:  


Place your elbow/arm on the OSFLOW® either directly, or over a towel. This helps to relax tension in your muscles and joints. If you apply a little bit of weight - see picture, the result is even better.

Many people suffer from severe muscle tensions, which aggravate the nerves. This in turn, creates reoccurring pain. The misalignment of the joints and bones is responsible for this pain. You are not centered on your ideal body position.

And this is where the OSFLOW® enters: the gravitational force pulls the body down. The force is strengthened through the spiral dynamic of the OSFLOW®. Due to the gravitational force, the levitation force pushes the body upwards and is enhanced by the OSLFOW®. Therefore, both forces, the downward pull and the upward push, are being reinforced.

The new positioning of your bones and joints in creates a more balanced central axis. The bone pressure becomes increased and your metabolism is engaged. The muscle tensions can decrease with each additional use of the OSFLOW®


How to use it:

For a new user, we recommend to use the OSFLOW® between 3-5 minutes daily – and twice a day, if desired. Once you feel secure and stable on the device, you can increase the time. You will receive a free exercise guide with your OSFLOW® device. If you have questions about your exercise, please feel free to contact us.
The proper posture while standing on the OSFLOW® is important. It follows the principles of the Taiji/Qigong and is based on the natural human posture:

1. Place yourself hip/shoulder wide on the OSFLOW® with your feet pointing forward
2. Bend your knees slightly
3. Turn on the OSFLOW® and tuck the switch into your pants pocket                
4. Keep your head facing straight ahead
5. Stay on the OSFLOW® for 3-5 minutes
6. Remain on the OSFLOW®  after you turn it off to continue enjoying the ‘flow feeling’
The starting position is the most important position for the OSFLOW®, where you stand on it straight and keep your body loose. All joints, from head to toe should feel light and ‘open’, meaning ready to move. Straighten the spinal column but do not overstretch it, just so that it is as straight as possible. The ‘flow’ also moves through a warped skeleton (for example, with existing scoliosis) and always moves towards the right direction. Keep your feet parallel and facing forward, and balance out your weight equally on both feet, focusing your weight into the center of the feet.