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Quote: “Since I have been using the OSFLOW®, my neck and lower back stiffness have mostly disappeared. I also feel that I have improved my balance, which is a great thing. When I am using the OSFLOW® before I go to bed, I have a much better night’s sleep. Our OSFLOW® is in use every day!” Jim A., Naples, FL (2014)  


Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazines Top 100 Golf Instructors in America is using the OSFLOW® device daily for over 12 months. More...

Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice, FLPTPP  endorses the OSFLOW®. More...


Quote:“At the beginning, I was skeptical about the benefits of the OSFLOW®, but then I bought into the concept, started to use the OSFLOW® everyday and just felt better. Flexible, loose and more balanced. It feels good and makes a difference to my day. Most importantly, I dropped my handicap by four strokes…Really!” Werner C., Bonita Springs, FL (2014)