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The OSFLOW® is a life changer, for more balance and flexibility:
A tool created to balance the biomechanical skeletal system, OSFLOW® is a world novelty in the wellness market. The OSFLOW® is the centering oscillation platform that creates an optimal alignment of the biomechanical skeletal system. The oscillations from the OSFLOW®  are like a deep tissue massage for your joints and increases your balance and flexibility.
This wellness device benefits people of all ages, 12 years and older. You’ll find more information to the many benefits of the OSFLOW®:
Enjoy the many Benefits:
OSFLOW® - a wellness device with many benefits and uses is beneficial for all ages, 12 years and older.  Everyone can use it! However, we hereby explicitly state that the OSFLOW® is NOT a medical device, but rather a training, fitness and wellness enhancer.
Here are some of the benefits you can expect: click here for Benefits

Quote of the day: “Since I have been using the OSFLOW®, my neck and lower back stiffness have mostly disappeared. I also feel that I have improved my balance, which is a great thing. When I am using the OSFLOW® before I go to bed, I have a much better night’s sleep. Our OSFLOW® is in use every day!” Jim A., Naples, FL (2014)  


Dr. Sean M. Wells, DPT, OCS, ATC/L, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Naples Personal Training, and user of the OSFLOW® with his clients for a year. More...


Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazines Top 100 Golf Instructors in America is using the OSFLOW® device daily for over 8 months. More...

Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice, FLPTPP  endorses the OSFLOW®. More...

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